Bi-fold Portrait Leather Wallet

Handmade bi-fold portrait leather wallet

I like to make these with accenting colors. You can see a few options I’ve made in galleries below. Cards or cash easily slide into the inside folds. It can hold 2 cards in each slot along with cash and other items behind each side.


Dye :
Thread Color :

Want something similar but maybe with different colors/thread, let me know!


Slim Tuck Wallet

The perfect cross between slim and bi-fold! As with all of our wallets, this wallet is completely made by hand. Hand cut, hand treated, hand stitched.

The flap opens up for you to store cash in the back pocket but also, when it is tucked in, covers the the card slots. Can hold 6 cards comfortably. It could hold more but you risk stretching the leather out a little too much and then things may loosen over time.



Long Wallet

Here is a custom long wallet

hand stitched and dyed from “veg-tan” leather. Shown below is dyed with our “light brown” along with our “brown” thread.

Completely hand cut, hand stitched and hand treated for a great finish!

As always, custom engravings and designs upon request!



Slim Curve

Slim Curve Leather Men’s Wallet

Here is another slim version with more of an angled pocket. This version has a center pocket between the outer layers, perfect for holding cash. The buffalo hide version has a bit more grip to the feel while the vegtan version has the leather feel we all know and love.

As always, if you want a custom engraving, feel free to reach out.



Slim Card Holder

Here is a slim design with 2 pockets, which can hold about 6 to 8 cards total.

You can have this with or without the engraving. By default, you won’t have the engraving unless you reach out.

As with all of our wallets, this is hand cut, hand stitched and hand treated for a beautiful finish.


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